Most of women always direct the eyes upon bare midriff dresses and step back, because of waist fat, imperfect buttocks shape. But if you learn some dressing principles, it will make you different! Let’s begin from the bare midriff dresses.


Principle 1, create a unified body tone.

Unifying the body color and bare your midriff make you nobler and sexier.


Principle 2, add a short coat

Adding a short coat not only can retains the fashion of baring midriff but also can cover your waist fat.



Principle 3, The longest and the shortest mix

A short coat or T-shirt match a long skirt or pants can create the best visual proportion.



Principle 4, High-waisted skirt

A high-waited skirt match a baring midriff shirt is also a fashionable and active dress, a useful shield to cover extra waist fat.