Various new kinds of summer heels have been released. Everyday we can see many street heels fashion like heels , , wedge sneakers which can be taken for reference, if you are seeking your ideal shoes. Here are several pictures of street outfits we collected.



Black Stiletto

This is a kind of plain sexy heels sandals for ladies for date, party, movie. Hitting the road with a  white short skirt and then paint the red polish, that will be very sexy and fashionable enough for you to catch everybody’s eyes on the street. Don’t let it get to your head, watch your steps carefully.


Nude High Heels

If you are heels-holic or you are searching your easy matching heels, nude color heels is your must-have. Why don’t you think over this kind of pointed toe ? Take the street shot for reference, it can be matched with jeans, dresses, shorts, leggings, you won’t get a wrong in terms of clothing.


Black Sandals

There is no doubt that strappy heels sandals are hottest heels now. Every girl wants to have a pair of newest shoes and wear them to walk on the street, maybe you will be the next one shot by photographer and showed on the fashion magazine.



Wide heels should be one of your essential shoes in summer. Because they are more practical and comfortable to wear than stiletto heels. The most important one is they will make your legs larger. Black and straps are the most fashionable choice, of course, thick wooden heels will be more comfortable and increase the texture of your shoes.


Wedge Sneakers

It’s easy to know that this pair of sneakers come from UPERE if you are a fan of us. Very beautiful to match leggings and shirt and never loss any bit of fashion. If you like it, enter here. UPERE BEKETT WEDGE SNEAKERS


Wedge Heels Sandals

Are you ready to have a trip on sandbeach? Wear a pair of wedge sandals and match a maxi floral dress, face the wind and blow your skirt, how elegant you look with this cloth outfits. Choose the appropriate heel-height will be easier to walk.