For the fashion street style, they are wearing the Wedge to match leggings, pencil pants, shorts.

As we all know, It is difficult to concluded the quality of the products on some other shoes wesite. But here we just show the authentic Upere sneakers for you, and the sneaker is totally real shot rendered, no ps, no color.




Covered with black outside, this pair of Upere snake black wedge sneakers is a typical shoe can match for any kind of style of dressing fittingly. Black is still a fashionable color this year. And the Snakeskin decorative pattern is more popular.



Many people think that the shoe is thick and airtight, it is not true! You would be feel cool because the inside Upere sneakers is made from ventilate sheep skin material. You also look fashion when you put on the shorts and match with this 7cm heel sneaker.


There are many question from the clients: wether the feet can stand it after the long way because of the 7cm height sneaker. We can reliably tell you the mystery in this. There is a tongue like a little bread pad that can balance and protect the ankle. What’s more, it is particularly comfortable because the sneakers sole is use of raw rubber-soled, even more wear-resistant and soft than the gum outsole. And it is airtight and will not easy to get squashed and it possesses heightening function.