are simple and elegant with a great texture, and they are popular between young people. But most of us are always afraid of cleaning suede shoes because they are easy to be dirty, and the soft and great texture will be fade, particularly when they get wet. How to clean suede shoes, that’s a difficulty for lots of people. Today, there is a cleaning experience to share with you.
Before cleaning your suede shoes, please make sure that your suede shoes are completely dry.

You may need:

1. newspaper
2. suede brush
3. sponge
4. suede shoes cleaning spray

Step 1: Put the newspapers into your suede shoes close to the toe area so that it can be held. It will be more helpful when we work on them.


Step 2: Gently brush off the dirt on the surface with a special suede brush. Pay attention to the direction you brush and keep brushing in the same direction.
However, it’s another matter if the dirt is hard to be brushed off.


Step 3: If there are stains on the shoes, take a sponge and wring all the water, then dip a little special detergent, and gently wipe the stains area.
The best time to clean the stains is when it just get dirty. On the contrary, a long time exsited stains would be difficult to be cleaned up.

Step 4:

Finally, remove the newspapers from your shoes and place it in a well-ventilated place and let it dry naturally.



If you want to make it a new look, shake the cleaning spray back and forth and spray the surface of shoes evenly(Please mind that the spray should be 20cm away from shoes.). Then gently brush the overall pair of shoes.