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Today’s arrival: Upere Wedge Sneakers Suede Blue Tongue


Do you want a new style look? We pick out a new this week for you, that’s exactly¬†Upere Wedge Sneakers Suede Blue Tongue. Most of our fans know that upere specialize in wedge sneakers for many years. We deeply believe in our new arrival sneakers will catch your eyes and bring you a special style, you will certainly like them beause they are so awesome designed and comfortable feeling. See the detail pictures… Read More

[video] Upere Wedge Sneakers Suede Navy Beige

Upere Wedge Sneakers Suede Navy Beige Do you like this Upere wedge sneakers. It is one of the popular ladies wedges in our store. It comes in navy and beige, which is a good match with casual clothing. * Suede upper * Navy Beige * Oval toe cap with three Velcro straps * 50mm/2 inches hidden heels * Anti-slipping Rubber sole Shop Here